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Model's bare bottom features on pub sign

A model's bare bottom features on a North Yorkshire pub's sign after it was renamed in her honour.

The Fleece pub in Richmond is now The Tanya's Charms after Tanya Robinson's win in FHM magazine's High Street Honeys competition.

Pub management thought the 21-year-old from the town deserved some lasting recognition and had Tanya as guest of honour when the new sign was unveiled.

Tanya, the reigning Miss Blackpool, said she was rather taken aback by the cheeky tribute. "I was very surprised to see my bottom on display in Richmond. It's unbelievable - but there have been no complaints."

Pub manager Sam Collett said: "We wanted to show how proud we are of Tanya and we asked our company, Laurel, if we could change the name. Our customers think it is a really good idea. Tanya is now part of the history of the town."

But not everyone agrees, reports The Northern Echo.

Dr Mike Nicholls, secretary of the Richmond Business and Tourism Association said: "The Fleece is a traditional name which fits a pub with a 100-year history and a market town like Richmond.

"This doesn't sit well with our attempts to project an image of Richmond as an up-market location at all, we really would urge the pub's management to think again."


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