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The lord's air in church

Pennies from heaven ... the inflatable church could earn inventor £2,000 as couples tie the knot

COUPLES could soon be tying the knot in this INFLATABLE church.

The air-filled building — 47ft high from ground to steeple — is the brainchild of inventor Mike Gill.

Inside it has blow-up organ, altar, pulpit, pews, candles and a gold cross. The 47ft long by 25ft wide church has plastic “stained glass” windows.

And the door is even flanked by air-filled angels.

Dad-of-two Mike, 36, paid a firm of bouncy castle makers £15,000 to create it ahead of moves to change the law on marriage later this year.

It would mean the PERSON conducting a wedding is licensed rather than the VENUE, as now.

Mike, of Southampton, hopes to transport his portable church around Britain and charge £500 to £2,000 to marry people.

He said: “We’ll take the church to the bride rather than the other way round. It can be set up anywhere — like a
garden or the beach.”

A Church of England spokesman said the inflatable could only be used for civil ceremonies.

He added: “A church is its people — and you can’t have inflatable people.”


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