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Hidden Message in Queen Mothers Stamp

Hidden message in Queen Mother stamp

A souvenir stamp collection is being launched in honour of the Queen Mother, with the hidden words "Strength, Dignity and Laughter".

Following her death in March, the Crown Agents Stamp Bureau arranged for an issue to be released featuring the words.

They were spoken during her funeral service in Westminster Abbey by the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey.

The words are only visible through a powerful magnifying glass and appear as a single line under the dates 1900-2002, the years she lived.

Dr Carey said: "The Bureau asked my permission and I am delighted the words have been included. It is a wonderful record of a truly remarkable lady."

The stamps are being launched at Osborne House, the royal retreat on the Isle of Wight, and are being released worldwide on behalf of 17 countries, including 11 United Kingdom Overseas Territories.

Reducing words to micro-size is usually used as a security device.

Nigel Fordham, head of the Bureau, said: "To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time the technique has been used with postage stamps."

The Queen Mother's Life in Stamps 1900-2002, an exhibition, runs from Monday 5 August to Sunday 11 August at Osborne House.

Hidden Message in Queen Mothers Stamp

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